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Welcome to Liz's King Snakes


Meet my Snakes!


Let me introduce you to my snakes!

OBSIDIAN - 2013 Female Mexican Black King snake
(pic as a baby)
ONYX - 2013 Male Mexican Black King
MAAR - 2014 female Mexican Black King

MARK ANTONIA - female Banana king snake
CLEOPATRA - 2015 female Hi Yellow Banana King

California King - female
Banded California King
Captain Jack Sparrow

SUNSET - 2014 female Motley holdback from Casanova x Amel het motley

SUNRISE - 2014 male Motley holdback 
from Casanova x Amel het motley

LAVA - 2014 female tessera bloodred het pied-sided corn
from Don Soderberg of South Mountain Reptiles
JASPER - 2014 male pied bloodred corn 
from Don Soderberg of South Mountain Reptiles

EMBER - 2015 female Pied Bloodred 
from Kent Carter of Carter Reptiles

QUARTZ - 2014 Male High White Candycane Tessera

male Candycane het Anery corn snake

Candycane female corn snake (2013)
PICKLES - male Bubblegum Snow Corn Snake (2013)
PEACHES - 2012 female Halo Amel Corn Snake
BUBBLES - female Motley Snow Corn 
STAR - female Sunglow Motley Corn 2009

2013 Female Sunglow Amel

adult female Reverse Okeetee Corn

COMET - male Sunglow Motley Corn

COPPER - male red phase Western Hognose

PENNY - female red phase Western Hognose

STRAWBERRY - female red phase Western Hognose 2015

Welcome to Liz's King Snakes!

Hi, I wanted to introduce myself.  My name is Elizabeth but my friends call me Beth.
I currently live in Durham, North Carolina.  I moved to NC in 2010 from Texas.
Liz graciously let me reactivate her website. 
Please see the link above "History of Liz's King Snakes"
 for the amazing history of Liz and her King Snakes.
I adore snakes which is funny because I used to be afraid of snakes. 
I love King Snakes as well as Corn Snakes. 
I hope you will come to like snakes as much as I do.

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