All snakes have been sold.  We are moving to the beach!!!
Thank you to all of our customers and friends

Welcome to Liz's King Snakes



Welcome to Liz's King Snakes!

Hi, we want to introduce ourselves.
My name is Elizabeth but my friends call me Beth.  My husband is Steve.
We share in all the cleaning, feeding, picture taking, sexing and advertising.
We currently live in Durham, North Carolina.  I moved to NC in 2010 from Texas.
Liz graciously let us reactivate her website.
Please see the link below "History of Liz's King Snakes"
 for the amazing history of Liz and her King Snakes.
I adore snakes which is funny because I used to be afraid of snakes.
Steve is the one who introduced me to the world of snakes.
We hope you will come to like snakes as much as we do.

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