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ONYX - 2013 Male Mexican Black King
OBSIDIAN - 2013 Female Mexican Black King

MAAR - 2014 female Mexican Black King
BUBBLES - female Motley Bubblegum Snow Corn
Ruby Freckled Snow Corn

QUARTZ - 2014 Male High White Candycane Tessera
JASPER - 2014 male pied bloodred corn 
from Don Soderberg of South Mountain Reptiles

COMET - male Sunglow Motley Corn
COPPER - male Evans purple/red line Western Hognose
2014 male Conda 66% toffee Western Hognose from Felipe Bolanos

PENNY - female Evans red gloydi line Western Hognose
STRAWBERRY - female Brad Chambers red line Western Hognose 2015

Raspberry - homegrown female 2016
2015 female Conda het Albino Western Hognose

2016 male Inkdrop from Wil Omn (Wes)

2016 female Albino Inkdrop from Wil Omn (Wes)
2014 female 50/50 California King - Steve Osborne line
2014 male 50/50 California King from Josh Ramos of J&M Morphs
Marc Antonia
California King het Albino
King Tutt - Aberrant California King Snake het Albino

Delilah - Female MBK

Sampson - male MBK
2016 50/50 female from John Buckman
future breeder

2016 50/50 male from John Buckman
future breeder
2016 male Taiwan Beauty Snake from Zerkles
2016 female Taiwan Beauty Snake from Zerkles

Male double homozygous Lavender/Albino California King-Doug Foster stock
from Justin O'Donnell

Female Lavender California King

Reverse Stripe California King female 2016

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