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ONYX - 2013 Male Mexican Black King
OBSIDIAN - 2013 Female Mexican Black King

MAAR - 2014 female Mexican Black King
BUBBLES - female Motley Bubblegum Snow Corn
Ruby Freckled Snow Corn

QUARTZ - 2014 Male High White Candycane Tessera
JASPER - 2014 male pied bloodred corn 
from Don Soderberg of South Mountain Reptiles

COMET - male Sunglow Motley Corn
COPPER - male Evans purple/red line Western Hognose
2014 male Conda 66% toffee Western Hognose from Felipe Bolanos

PENNY - female Evans red gloydi line Western Hognose
STRAWBERRY - female Brad Chambers red line Western Hognose 2015

Raspberry - homegrown female 2016
2016 male Albino Anaconda ph Snow Western Hognose
from Hog Wild Reptiles
2015 female Conda het Albino Western Hognose

2016 male Inkdrop from Wil Omn (Wes)

2016 female Albino Inkdrop from Wil Omn (Wes)
2014 female 50/50 California King - Steve Osborne line
2014 male 50/50 California King from Josh Ramos of J&M Morphs
Marc Antonia
California King het Albino
King Tutt - Aberrant California King Snake het Albino

Delilah - Female MBK

2016 50/50 female from John Buckman
future breeder

2016 50/50 male from John Buckman
future breeder
Male double homozygous Lavender/Albino California King-Doug Foster stock
from Justin O'Donnell

Female Lavender California King

Reverse Stripe California King female 2016

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