Snakes Sold 2014

SOLD :-) 
Below is a three year old hypo male that is over three foot long.  He is a friendly snake.  $39 click on pics for better view
corn snake
hypo corn snake
corn snake
SOLD We currently have a male Hypomelanistic Corn Snake for sale, just beautiful.  He is almost 2 yrs old, 2 1/2 foot long.   He is very calm and cuddles up in your hand.  He is eating one frozen/thawed hopper a week.  $39 plus shipping. Click on pics for better 


SOLD  Below is a male Lavender Striped Ruby-eyed California King Snake. He is 3yrs old 3 foot long.  Has never musked.  $59
California king snake

male cal king

SOLD  a female lavender banded albino california king snake.  Very gentle and has never musked. She is 4yrs old and over 3 foot long. $79  
female California king

female California king
Click on pic for better view

All 2014 corn babies have gone to good homes

Hatching was week of 5/11/14.  Snakes have eaten every week and shed twice.  They eat frozen/thawed extra small pinky mice. Individual pics are posted below so you can pick your favorite corn snake!

I am located in Durham, NC U.S.A.  Local pick-up or shipping to the lower 48 states is available.  Shipping is FedEx overnight and usually runs $20-60 depending on your zip code.  Feel free to email your zip code for a shipping quote. 

Red Tail Boa - female. She is 3 years old, 5 foot long and loves to be held.  Local pick up only.

another pic of the red tailed boa

#1 - Sold

#2 - $20 male SOLD

#3 Motley SOLD

#4 - $20 female SOLD
See cool markings near container engraving  #4

Checker board markings on underside  #4 SOLD

 #5 - $20 female SOLD

 #6 SOLD

#7 - $20 female SOLD

#8 Motley - $40 female SOLD

 #9 - Sold

#10 - $20 female SOLD
Wow!  Amazing checker board underneath #10

 #11 Motley - $40 female SOLD

 #12 - $20 male with beautiful colors SOLD
unique pattern of checker board underneath #12

 #13 - $20 female SOLD

#14 Motley - $40 male SOLD
Motleys have no markings underneath - #14

 He has amazing colors- #15 SOLD

#15 - $20 male SOLD

Awesome mid back markings #15 SOLD

 #16 Motley - $40 female SOLD
heart marking on head
#16 no markings underneath SOLD

 #17 - $20 male SOLD

 #18 female SOLD

 #19 - $20 male SOLD
#19 cool dark and light checker board underneath

 #20 SOLD

#21 - $20 female Sold
has wild markings in middle

#22 Motley - $40 female SOLD
caramel colors! #22 SOLD

belly (ventral) is also caramel-#22 SOLD

 #23 - $20 male SOLD

#23 checker board black and brown! SOLD

#24 Motley - $40 female SOLD

#25 Motley - female $40 SOLD
see heart shape on head! #25 SOLD

#26 - male $20 SOLD

#26 has subtle coloring like his dad

better view of #26 colors SOLD

#26 Ventral has light checker board markings SOLD

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